Strata Services

Strata Services

Owners and tenants alike will be happy that Clean City Living is on the scene. We provide cleaning services, maintenance and garden services. We know that owners’ corporations want the most efficient service for every dollar and that’s what you’ll get from us. Your building will be sparkling clean at reasonable rates, and in working order. We can provide a plant service and make your garden look fantastic.

Clean City Living believes that high density living is the way of the future wellbeing.

Our responcibility to build and maintain your premises to be a better place. Clean City Living services service includes ...

Strata Cleaning Services

A clean building is a happy building. We’ll clean lobbies and foyers, stairwells, lifts and elevators and make sure the entrance doors and brassware shine. Hygienic bin management and immaculate garbage rooms are essential in high-density living. We can also provide high-pressure cleaning for garages and car parks. Cleanliness will also ensure your building retains its value.

Strata Garden Services

Go from clean to green! Well-maintained plants and gardens as part of your strata’s common spaces can make a world of difference, especially when so many stratas have let these areas go to seed. We’ll do overall tidying up and maintenance of all areas: cleaning pathways, controlling weeds, and looking after both courtyard garden and large tree planters as well as indoor pot plants.

We provide your entrance and foyer with an entrance mat and plants as part of our service, can introduce new plants into bare areas and discuss new plantings with you, as well as suitable indoor plants for empty planters and entrance areas.

We’ll replace dead plants with new ones, remove dead wood, frond and clippings from shrubs, fertilise and mulch garden areas, prune plants and business to maintain healthy growth and appearance, remove litter and keep your driveway clear of debris and overhanging trees, all in communication with your strata manager. As a comprehensive service, it will make your owners, tenants and visitors happy – and impressed.

Strata Maintenance

We're not only clean, we’re conscientious too. We take note of any issues we notice and will report all necessary building and repair issues to body corporate, as well as replace broken light bulbs and generally make sure things are in good working order!